refusal (school refusal)

    Literature Review

    This assignment is the second component of your course project. In Unit 4, you described the graphic displays and measurement that will be used to make sense of the behavioral data available in your case study. Although measurement and graphic displays can reveal whether, when, and how much behavior has changed, they alone cannot reveal what caused the behavior change.

    This assignment will give you the chance to explore and uncover a wide range of theoretical underpinnings necessary for developing a more complete understanding of the behavioral research that builds the foundational knowledge necessary to analyze ABA case studies and real-life scenarios. Please refer to What Is the Literature Review? page (linked in the resources) for a refresher on how to be a skilled researcher.

    For this assignment, you will be assessed on your understanding of the following course competencies:

    Design research-based interventions for individual cases based on the principles of applied behavior analysis.
    Communicate in a manner that is scholarly and consistent with expectations for professionals in the field of psychology.
    How to Organize Your Paper

    Your paper will be divided in two parts. Use the following subheadings in your paper and format your subheadings in current APA style.

    In one paragraph, provide an overview of your research plan. At a minimum, it must restate the following from the Unit 2 assignment:

    Behavioral challenge and outcome criteria identified.
    Social significance of the target behavior and outcome criteria in your case study.
    Theoretical Underpinnings
    This section (68 pages) will consist of your evaluation of the literature you compiled. In this evaluation, you will:

    Identify relevant ABA concepts, principles, and methods for behavioral challenges in research.
    Compare theoretical underpinnings of the chosen research related to the case study.
    Evaluate research studies to distinguish purpose, benefits, strengths, and weaknesses in ABA.

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