Reflective Paper on past assignments

    COUN 589: Grief Counseling
    Summer 2019
    This activity will constitute a major portion of your final exam. Please make note that your responses will be graded for correct use of grammar, spelling, etc. You should also respond to the activity with graduate level work, putting thought and effort into your responses.

    Write a reflective paper and do a brief video journal on what you have learned during this course. Include your reactions to each activity as well as weekly class discussions and experiential activities.
    Activities included:
    Personal experiences with death & loss paper
    Attendance at a death related service/facility
    Children’s activity
    Powerpoint presentations and lectures
    Topic presentation & research paper
    Book Critique

    In addition, please rank the above activities as 1 (most helpful) to 8 (least helpful).

    Also speak to how you see grief counseling as being included into your future or present practice as a counselor. As a result of the course, what is your level of comfort in addressing death related issues with your clients? Has the course changed your view of death?  Please explain. What influence did the course have on your comfort with death related issues? What activities and/or components were most helpful, least helpful?

    Include comments on the course delivery method (online). Would you recommend that it continue to be offered as an online course, traditional lecture, or hybrid format? Why?

    Should the course be required in the counseling curriculum? Why or why not?
    What components should be added and deleted from the course?
    What suggestions would you like to make about how to improve the course?

    To what degree do you feel confident addressing death related issues with your clients?
    What could assist you in gaining more confidence with issues of death, loss and grief?

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