reflective essay

    Due Tuesday, June 16th at 9:00 AM (basically, a Monday night deadline with some padding):
    You are required to submit a short (no more than 250 words) reflection on this week’s content. This week it will not go to your Discussion Forum, only to your TA to read.

    Your reflection will receive a grade out of 100 (50% for references and applicability to course content, 50% for clarity), which will be weighted as 2.5% of your overall grade. For examples of reflections click HERE
    Please also remember the policies about late assignments written in your course outline.

    Reference and critically engage with the content from the video lecture and readings
    It is not enough to restate what has been written about or stated in the lecture. To get started, you can consider the learning objectives at the beginning of the Lesson, and the reflection questions that frequently appear at the beginning, throughout and end of the lecture, as well as what questions remain for you about the content.
    Below is the marking guide we will use to grade your reflections:
    INDG 1000- Reflection Marking Guide




    Critical engagement with course content

          References to specific course elements (lectures, videos, and especially readings)

          Use of appropriate examples from course material

          Evidence of analytical thinking

          Personal and/or broader societal connections made to the course content

          Addressing the learning outcomes or reflection questions listed in the lesson

    / 50

    Clarity, style and length

          Fully articulated thoughts

          Complete sentences, proper grammar and spelling

          Engaging writing style

          Clear writing style

          200-250 words

    / 50

    For this topic, your required reading is:

    Ing, R. (2011). Canadas Indian Residential Schools and Their Impacts on Mothering. In Racism, Colonialism and Indigeneity . Eds by Martin J. Cannon and Lina Sunseri. Don Mills: Oxford University Press.

    The Introduction and Commission Activities Summary sections of the Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada pp. 23-35 (sections ‘Commission Activities’  to ‘National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation’). The reading is in Ares, and also at
    and p72-134 The History part II, sections ‘The school experience Education: The childrens work was merely memory work.’ to ‘Agreement and apologies’  (The link will open in a new window.) Note that sometimes the page numbers can be confusing in eTexts (e.g., different numbers on the page and in the file document), so look for the names of the sections to be sure you’re reading the right parts.

    (Throughout the course, you can find the readings through the Ares link in the Library Reserves side block. )

    Take notes as you read, as you will be expected to refer to the reading within your next forum post. Your exam answers will also need references to readings as well as video lecture content.

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