Reflection Paper #3

    For this reflection paper, I want you to critically reflect on and apply the content from the metacognition portion of the class to your own learning strategies and also how to facilitate this in others.  As metacognitive skills are often not explicitly taught, they are often skills that students either have or don’t and can have a big impact on academic success and attainment.

    First, describe the metacognitive skill(s) that you have acquired throughout your life, how you acquired them, and how they have served you (either well or poorly).  Then, I want you to describe how you would approach teaching metacognitive skills in a learning situation to facilitate student success.  This can either be a general view of how to promote metacognition OR can be a specific example (i.e., how to help a student who keeps studying “really hard” for tests and can’t figure out why he keeps getting D’s).

    Please be sure to use at minimum 3 peer reviewed articles to support your points.

    Student demonstrates significant self-reflection on their own metacognitive abilities.
    The student is able to apply the course content to facilitate student learning through the teaching of metacognitive abilities. This application is thorough, related to class material (book or lecture), and demonstrates an understanding of the material.
    The student uses literature to support their statements in the paper. This must include outside, peer reviewed references. These sources are also cited properly throughout the paper and in a reference list.

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