Reflection of class

    Write a reflection paper of at least one page in length about your experience in this class.

    Need some help in determining what to discuss? Here are some guiding questions:

    How has your knowledge about public health informatics changed throughout the course? What did you already know? What surprised or interested you?
    What was your overall work process in developing the website?
    What problems did you run into? How did you solve them?
    What resources did you use when working on assignments? Which were especially helpful?
    What was especially satisfying to you about your work? What was frustrating?
    Did you meet your standards for yourself?
    What did you learn about yourself as you worked through the semester?
    What is the one thing you particularly want people to notice about your website when they look at it?
    What recommendations would you make for the improvement of design for future offerings of this class?
    As you continue on (within or outside of public health), what more would you like to learn?

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