reflection for ch. 7

    1. Submit a business-related article
    2. Find the article using a reputable source 1) WSJ, CNN, MSN, Yahoo Finance, etc.
    3. Provide 1) Name of the firm or even 2) Relevance to corporate strategy & relevant strategy topic (by Chapter) 3) For example, if we are discussion, Chapter 1 Mission & Vision, speak to the Mission and Vision of your company and how that relates to the article topic
    4. Brief Summary of the key points in the article (1 or 2 paragraphs)
    5. Source of the Story
    6. PLEASE BE CLEAR AND CONCISE! These are very short and fast-paced presentations. You can use any topic from Chapters 1-4 for this article.

    Please follow the format example material “ARTICLE TEMPLATE” to write.

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