reflection about a movie

    Each of the films listed below focuses on an issue central to women and justice in Canada. Please choose one film to view and on which you will base your critical reflection. Choose a topic that is central in the film of your choice (i.e., domestic violence, sexual harassment of women in policing, women behind bars, deaths in custody, missing and murdered indigenous women, sex trade workers, prevention programs, mental health programs, healing, etc.) Use at least two (2) scholarly sources (academic journal article, book chapter, or book) to craft an argument that analyzes to what extent (or not) womens sense of justice is being served through either traditional (e.g., criminal, legal) or alternative (e.g., restorative, transformative) approaches to justice. For full marks, you should incorporate material from the lectures and required readings into your papers, in addition to the scholarly sources. It will not be sufficient to simply summarize the film and/or the scholarly sources or required readings, but you must connect themes and ideas from the lectures/articles to those presented in the film, as well as analyze and critique implications for womens justice.

    Specific Requirements:

    5 pages (plus References page)
    Full sentences with proper spelling and grammar
    In-text citations referencing at least two (2) scholarly sources (academic journal article, book chapter, or book) using APA format (Links to an external site.)
    References page in APA format (Links to an external site.)
    Lines should be double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font, normal margins, page numbers

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