Reflect On What You Learned

    Reflect On What You Learned


    Please answer all three questions below.  Your answers should be close to (or exceed) 1.5 pages of writing in order to earn full credit on this assignment. 

    1.  Think about the Dweck article ("Brainology: Transforming Students' Motivation to Learn") you read and discussed in class on Thursday. What are all the reasons why scientists say that people's ability to learn new challenging material can grow and get better with effort and practice? Why is it better to have a growth mindset?  Please summarize them briefly below.

    2.  Think about an example from your own life. Think of something you weren’t good at when you first began doing it. But, then you practiced it using good strategies and became really good at it. Write about it and explain how you became good at it.

    3.  Not all students know that the brain can get smarter, even though it may help them have success. I'm hoping you can explain–in your own words–that the brain gets smarter when people use good strategies and try hard. Imagine a friend who is struggling in school. This friend used to do pretty well in school but now is having a hard time and is starting to feel dumb.  Write a letter to your friend to encourage him or her—tell them about what you just learned about the brain and why they shouldn’t be discouraged.

    4.  Last but not least, do you have any questions about this reading that weren't answered in today's class session? Were there any sections of the reading that was unclear to you?  If so, please write them down here and I'll attempt to answer your questions during our next class session.

    Your journal responses are private and will only be read by your instructor. Credit will be assigned on a credit/no credit basis for this assignment. Worth 10 points.

    LENGTH REQUIREMENT: Your answers to all four questions should total approximately 1.0-1.5 pages of writing double-spaced. 


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