Refer to instructions

    The research paper needs to be 10 pages in length and there needs to be and outline for the research paper as well. The directions for the outline will be attached in the files. Regarding the research paper you may only use the sources from the annotated bibliography which will also be attached in the files. The paper needs to be in MLA format. It can be double spaced. Here is the subject as well as the stance you will need to take on the the topic.
    Subject: Death Penalty- Should it be allowed?

    Occasion: The death penalty is an ongoing issue in America. Some states allow it while others do not. Should the decision be left up to the states?

    Stakes and stakeholder: No one should have the authority to take someone’s life, regardless of what they have done, even murder. It is the classic two wrongs do not make a right that Americans have forgotten. The massive amount of power ending a life puts in the government’s hands is scary to think about. Especially how many death-row cases have been false convictions.

    Path of inquiry: How much power is too much power for the government? Should there be federal mandates for these types of issues? How many death-row cases have been overturned?

    Working thesis:  The death row penalty is becoming an increasingly problematic topic amongst citizens. It is the debate of whether or not we should have the power to take a human’s life.

    The difficulties: It will be difficult to keep my paper from straying too far away from the topic. It will also be troublesome to find different sources that are not too biased towards one ideal or the other. The counter-argument against me is pretty strong but not too bad.

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