Recruitment Methods Exercise

    The recruitment of volunteers can be done in various methods.  Much like filling void positions within a company, internal referrals and/or changing of positions can occur.  However, the strategies used in finding the right volunteer to fit a particular need hinges on the duties and responsibilities that will be performed.  Is there lifting involved or the need for computer skills? Is there a particular license needed for things such as providing transportation or education? What language and communication skill sets will best perform the tasks?  What are the favored populations to enlist and which ones should be avoided? What population are you planning on serving with this volunteer?  Recruitment methods and strategies can widely vary depending on your organizational needs.

    Review Chapter 2 and Read Chapter 4 in the textbook by McKee & McKee.
    Read Chapter 4 in the textbook by Fader.
    Choose one of the following volunteer positions to focus on for this assignment:

    Child care workers
    Pre-school helpers

    Design the method and strategy best suited to attract and secure a volunteer to fill that position.
    Write a 1-page double-spaced description of your plan that can be acted upon if real. Scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided.  Use of APA format is required.

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