Read the paper instructions

    Watch the following video (debate) ONLY from minutes 2:00-9:00:

    Then write 2 paragraphs (no bullet points) based on:
    1. summarizing the main points of the speaker of the video (Akala)
    2. from a cultural studies perspective, How can you paraphrase Akala’s approach the main question of the debate?

    Further instructions from my professor:

    – provide comprehensive answers that demonstrates an awareness of the course material (you will find the material we took so far in the “additional materials”, just read the first few slides in order to understand what the professor means by “cultural studies” so they can help you with writing the 2 paragraphs)

    – Grading is based on the quality of the answer:
    1. using appropriate spelling/grammar/punctuation.
    2. sentence structure and flow.

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