Read the article and answer the questions.

    Assignment 1

    Assigned reading: Hardin, G. 1968. Tragedy of the Commons. (available in Blackboard, see Content/Readings) First, read the article, then provide thoughtful, reading-informed answers to these questions: 1. What is Hardin’s key concern? Be specific, min. 1 page. 2. What evidence is Hardin presenting? Carefully explore and reflect, min. 0.5 page. 3. What solutions (and agenda) is he suggesting? Carefully read and reflect, min. 1 page. Format: Minimum 2.5 pages, 12pt font, double spaced, standard margins The purpose of this reading-discussion is to develop: (i) an understanding of an influential population-environment debate; (ii) an ability to recognize facts, and therefore distinguish science from pseudoscience; (iii) awareness of influential (Eurocentric) ideologies, and the role they play in shaping dominant population control, land use etc. policies.


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