Read Instructions

    Page 1 Requirements:

    – Step 1 – Carefully look through the following  Power Point of different artistic images of children found in following link  Click for more optionschildhood_images_.pptx

    – Step 2 – Choose one image from the Children’s Images in Art Power Point  which you find interesting and WRITE a 200-300 word contextual analysis, based on Cunningham  and/or Hanawalt readings as understood by you. PASTE THE IMAGE YOU CHOSE ON THE PAPER.

    Page 2 Requirements:

    WRITE 100 response to the following questions:

    1)How does Hanawalts material support or undermine Postmans thesis?

    2)It takes a village could be the name of a chapter in Hanawalts book. Explain the social context of medieval childhood in London.What was the purpose of the manner books for medieval children? Of education?

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