Read Instructions

    1. Listen to the 3rdgrade passage Green Flash audio.
    2. Score it according to the Directions posted.
    3. Check your scoring against the scored passage that is provided.
    4. Use the Hasbrouk & Tindal Fluency Norms, and the Fluency Rubric to assess the rate and prosody.
    5. Write a paragraph including the following elements:

    a.Discuss the student’s accuracy, rate, and prosody (be sure to refer to the fluency norms)

    b. Provide recommendations of instructional strategies that you could use to help the student improve her fluency (refer to the Powerpoint and to the resources I provided in Step 1 and Step 2)

    c. Provide a justification for why you chose those strategies

    Extra Notes: 1 & 2 have already been done so use the document labeled Green Flash Answer Key for the scoring that has already been done. Read the document labeled Fluency Assignment Directions to see how the scoring was completed and calculated

    To help you write the paragraph:
    – Look over the Fluency presentation

    – Also watch these two videos:
    Watch this video to see how a teacher teaches expression and prosody to her students

    b. ; Watch this video to see how to assess Fluency rate.

    – Also explore these two websites:
    a. ; Explore this website that talks about fluency.  Be sure to click each tab at the top to read about the importance of accuracy, rate, expression, and automaticity of sight words with regard to fluency.

    b. ; This website talks about instructional strategies used to help students with fluency.

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