Read Instructions

    You are creating a CREATIVE PRESENTATION based on the topic: READING FLUENCY

    Make sure to follow everything on the rubric that I uploaded for you!!

    When completing this presentation include enough research-based strategies, activities, lesson plan examples as if you were teaching the topic to other teachers who are new to it

    The presentation takes course participants into further exploration of the topic by going more deeply into information presented in class and in the course text and by bringing other relevant information and resources to light. It is not a review of information in the course text. The purposes of the presentation and its activities are:

    To assist class members in processing and applying principles of instruction for that content.

    To experience activities during which presenter model/share evidence-based teaching practices.

    To facilitate participants in developing a deeper understanding of evidence-based strategies that classroom students would use to master content.

    To expand our repertoire of teacher practices and learner strategies learning beyond those focused upon in the required course materials.

    Include slides that touch base on:

    – Teaching reading fluency to students with disabilities and without disabilities

    – Activities you would include in your classroom that includes reading fluency

    – Recommendations for parents on how to work with their children on reading fluency outside of school

    Basically anything you can think of that should be included in this presentation, you need to include and reference everything

    Also, BE CREATIVE!! Include pictures, some short clips or links to videos and/ websites, etc.

    Also, DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to me for anything!!

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