Qualitative Data Analysis Draft

    This is a real Dissertation: I really need you to follow all the directions closely. There are two sections to this assignment. I attached a copy of my dissertation paper intilted track 3 DRP (you must read it so you know how to align each section together. I attached a copy of the assignment with the instructions and I attached some important reading and information to help you complete this assignment. PLEASE,  PLEASE  let me know if you have any questions or need any additional information (I will be available). 

    Qualitative Data Analysis Draft
    Assignment Instructions
    In this assignment you will complete Section 5.4 and 5.5 – Data Analysis in the DRP. Reference the materials throughout this unit to ensure you have accurately completed each section.
    As you are completing Section 5.4 and 5.5, be sure to:
        Describe each step in the data analysis process accurately. These steps should be described in sequential order and should allow for the data analysis process to be completed correctly.
    o    Be sure that you select a data analysis method that will allow you to accurately answer the research question you have identified
        Align the proposed data analysis method(s) appropriately to the research design.
        Be sure to describe each step in the data analysis process accurately.
    You should integrate the information and the articles you collect during this unit into these sections of the DRP. When integrating this information, cite all statements using correct APA format. Also, review the school specific instructions for sections 5.6 Types of Data and 5.9 Data Analysis of the DRP to ensure you are including all of the information required.

    Use current (within 5-7 years), scholarly,  PRIMARY resources to support statements. Use APA style in citing all resources.

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