Public Management, defining concepts and applying concepts

    Part 1 Defining concepts (approx. 1,500 words)

    Provide a critical definition and understanding of each of these concepts, using reading from the resource list:
    1.Bureaucracy in public services
    2.Markets in public services
    3.Networks in public services
    Warning: you should only define these concepts by citing the material from reading in the resource list that I gave (especially in two required books), no other channels’ resources are allowed.

    Part 2 Applying concepts (approx. 2,500 words)

    1.Identify a public service challenge facing in China.
    2.Show how one of these concepts has been used by public managers to address that challenge.
    3.Evaluate how successful this has been (successes and problems).
    Draw on reading from the resource list.  You also need to find new sources on case studies or examples from your country.
    Note: Using one of three concepts to analyse your chosen case and disucss appropriateness of that concept

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