PT 1Roadside picnic. PT2 Film

    Part 1 – On Roadside Picnic – Who are the various groups of people who make a living in and around “The Zone?” What are the relationships between these groups of people? Give examples from the story. 250+ Words

    Part 2 – On film – Response must be 250+ words please.

    1. Choose a science fiction movie. Watch or rewatch that movie. You can probably use any movie you’ve seen recently and remember well.

    2. Without giving away the end, briefly provide an overview of the film. Give a very quick plot summary. When was it made? Who directed? What major stars? Was it a hit/flop?

    3. Is the film based on a book or short story? If so, who wrote the original and when?

    4. What genre or subgenre of sci-fi does the film belong to? Why? Does it have a common sci-fi central conflict? For example, alien contact, space war, bad artificial intelligence, post apocalyptic?

    5. What is the fan base of the film like? Are there many diehard fans, huge popular audiences, or do few recall the film?

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