Dear Mary Letter.

    In this portfolio assignment, you will write a fictitious letter to your dear friend Mary who has just found out she is expecting a baby. You are encouraged to include information that would be considered to be a crucial for Mary to know. Examples of information that you might like to provide include the stages of prenatal development, teratogens to stay away from, the importance of nutrition, stages of labor, birthing options, prenatal yoga and prenatal massage, Lamaze classes, and prenatal testing. This assignment does not need to be in APA format, requires no citations, and should be written as though you were writing a letter to a good friend. You and get creative with the formatting of your responses if you like. If you are a parent yourself, you may want to include particular knowledge that you have gained by experience. This assignment will demonstrate your knowledge of the prenatal period of development and your ability to effectively communicate that knowledge to someone else. This assignment should be about 2 pages long double-spaced.

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