Ethical Dilemmas and Resolution Intentions: In this written assignment, your task is to provide the following in 2-3 double-spaced pages:
    1)    A description/brief explanation of 2-3 ethical standards (not principles) from the APA Ethics Code that you anticipate as being potentially most likely to challenge you in your future career.
    a.    To jumpstart your thinking about possible ethical issues you might confront, skim through the reading materials for this class. Also try searching for ethics or similar keywords in psychology databases and publications by the APA, such as the Monitor (website:
    2)    Choose 2 of the ethical standards you identified in #1 here and develop personalized (to you) scenarios that illustrate how each of these selected ethical standards could be at the heart of an ethical dilemma you might experience in the course of your future career-related work.
    3)    As part of each scenario you will need to discuss what you would do specifically to:
    a.    resolve the ethical dilemma you have illustrated
    b.    prevent this type of ethical dilemma from arising again in the future (i.e., a specific set of actions you would take to work through each of these scenarios in compliance with the APA Ethics Code).

    *The career of choice is a therapist or counselor *

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