Discussion 8: Motivation and Emotion/ Stress, Lifestyle, and Health
    This chapter seems to be a timely reminder about the impact of stress and ways to cope with it.  Imagine your 17-year old sister is about to start her first semester of college. Shes always been one to do it all, but can become easily stressed. You are worried about her starting this next step in her life and want to give her some tips and tricks from a pro!!

    1.  Describe some of the negative effects of high levels of stress.

    2.  Using specific theories and examples from your readings, what advice would you give her about ways to manage, prevent, and cope with stress?

    3.  How can Carol Dweck’s research on the Growth Mindset help your sister?

    Discussions require a minimum of 3 posts. The first post is your “initial response” or “Main Post” as this is your “opening or position statement”. It should be about 150-250 words and should include citations/references regarding where you found your information. Then provide a minimum of TWO thoughtful and relevant replies to fellow students. The guideline for a reply post is about 100-150 words.  These posts should be relevant, timely, well-written and include citations. This is your chance to show off your knowledge of the Psychological terms, concepts, and principles you are learning about!!  While the requirement is 3 posts, additional relevant, timely, and quality replies that add value are strongly encouraged to improve your learning and grade.  Remember to integrate scholarly sources into your response, using APA guidelines to cite appropriately. 

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