Project Scope Management

    Given the Scope Statements importance its the formal, written statement not just of the business and project requirements but actually a summary of all major project considerations (assumptions, constraints, risks, important milestones, etc.) what should be included in the ideal Scope Statement?
    To answer this question, see what you can find online about Scope Statements. Try a Google search on phrases such as scope statement template, scope statement sections, scope statement lessons learned, or similar phrases. Try using different search phrases to get different results.

    Considering the following:
        What sections should the ideal Scope Statement contain? (Be sure to cite your references.)   
        Most projects find managing scope to be a challenge. What can we add to a Scope Statement that could help manage project scope better (if anything?)   
        If you have experience with Scope Statements, when has the Scope Statement worked particularly well, and why?

    Requirement: Answer all questions above, and at least 250 words, reference.

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