project proposal

    Design and data collection methods: What is the data that can be used to accomplish the goal? What is the source of the data? What kind of tests do you propose to be used for data exploration and analysis?
    You need to create this. This is describing, SPECIFICALLY, where you will find the data you need for your project. And how will you prepare it? EDA, etc.
        How youll get it
        How youll clean it (keep in mind everything you learned from your coursework and our EDA discussion in class 3.
    Implementation methodology and strategies: How will you go about to implement your proposal? Is it an interactive dashboard, a predictive model or both? Describe the methods and strategies that should be used in order to create and implement the interactive dashboard and/or predictive model. Be detailed about statistical tests, graphs, and/or model packages that can be used and how. Create mock-ups of screen shots or use some similar ones you found on your literature review (enough for the reader to understand how it can be created and implemented)
    A visual of what youre going to provide the customer and how youre going to provide it. Feel free to make a mock up in PowerPoint or another tool or include screenshots of existing tools. Make sure to cite your sources!!
    Where is your view of your tool? Does the data fit the assumptions of a linear regression model? What is your target?

    How, specifically, will they use the output?
    Does the data in the financial reports cover all the data you need for your regression? What features are available there?

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