project about Agriculture-and Ranching system in risk management class ..

    I need this project be about :-

    ( Agriculture-and Ranching system )
    1- With no plagiarism.

    2- Don’t use academic words because I’m international student.

    3- It has to be about Saudi Arabia perspective , and don’t be anti-saudi because my Dr is a tough grader .

    4- Follow all the instruction and steps .

    5- I will upload some PDFs that might help you .

    6- I need it Sunday 8 Pm .

    The purpose of this Module 5 is to address all the Course Learning Objectives (CILO) through a portfolio project Unit 1 will address the research into hazards and vulnerability. Unit 2 will address the risk analysis, and Unit 3 will address the synthesis of mitigation strategy.

    Portfolio Project
    1-Read through the asset assignment list, and find the asset assigned to your section squad.
    2-Meet with your squad section to discuss the asset you have been assigned to analyze from a risk-management perspective here in Saudi Arabia.
    3-Collaborate in your online research and analysis, but you must submit your own report in your own writing where you present your own answers to the four-part assignment described below.
    4-Organize a research and writing schedule so you can submit this assignment by 7 December at midnight.
    5-Do not commit plagiarism. Any evidence that the cadet submits English writing that is not their own will result in a zero grade. This includes copying from other cadets, plagiarizing published or Internet sources, and using Google Translate to generate sentences.
    6-You will be graded on your ability to utilize theories, analysis, information, and historical perspective that were addressed in this course. So, please review the course material before starting to work on this project.
    7-State clearly any simplifying assumptions you need to make in order to perform reasonably rational analysis.

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