Project 6 Public Health Meningococcal disease college outbreak and Salmonella Foodborne illness

    Present a public health initiative using a variety of communication methods.


    As the Clinical Office Manager at the health department’s clinic, you have decided to begin to utilize TV screen media in the clinic waiting room to help communicate public health information and updates to the patients. Your objective is to gather information regarding current health issues or concerns in your community and develop a video using a series of slides to be displayed on the TV screencast.

    Research both of the following two health issues:

    Meningococcal disease college outbreak
    Salmonella foodborne illness

    Develop a series of slides and record a short (3-5 minute) video about the health issues that will be displayed as a TV screencast in the patient waiting room. Ensure that you include the following:

    Definition of each health issue
    The geographical location of each health issue
    The medical services that can be offered to patients for each health issue
    Provide two resources to assist the patient with more information regarding each health issue (community resource, credible website, medical providers website, etc.)
    Narration on each of the slides (you will be the narrator)

    To create the slides, you may use PowerPoint, Prezi, or a similar presentation application of your choice. The slides should include text and images.

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