Project 3 Health Education Hypertension FAQ

    You are a medical professional at a local health department which provides a clinic as an option for community members for medical visits such as annual physical exams, vaccinations, and non-urgent medical matters. The community health center is also connected to the health department and is used to educate patients on their medical condition further after they are treated by a medical provider.

    The health department clinic has seen an increase in patients with hypertension (high blood pressure). The clinic and community health center are in need of health education materials to further educate patients on this cardiovascular disease.

    Create an FAQ (frequently asked questions) sheet to be displayed in the community health center to educate individuals on high blood pressure.
    Include these points:
    What is hypertension?
    What causes hypertension?
    Are there any other health problems that associated with hypertension?
    Is hypertension preventable?
    What are the treatment options?
    When should I seek medical attention for hypertension?

    Your FAQ should contain a title and a list of questions and answers. They do not need to be numbered, but you should apply formatting to make the questions stand apart.

    For more information about hypertension, review the following:
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    Million Hearts
    World Health Organization
    To assist you with formatting an FAQ document, please see the following examples:

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