Progressive Movement

    The Progressive movement has been broadly categorized as a reform impulse designed to check, the power of big business and the lack of opportunity created by wealth concentration. Many thus claim that it was an impulse designed to bring governmental regulation to bear on out of control unfettered capitalism. However, in many ways Progressivism, as a policy and grass roots movement, was a conservative reaction to more radical movements of the day, such as anarchism, socialism, and still simmering Populism. In that sense, Progressivism was an attempt to defend and entrench capitalism, while (at least superficially) satisfying the public’s appetite for reform.” How would you defend, explain, or analyze such a statement?

    This essay prompt requires a long-form written response, using complete sentences and appropriate grammar and punctuation. Expect to write 500 to 750 words to fully answer the prompt. This will be scored on a 0-25 scale.

    I watched a video over the assignments she is requiring for the course. It doesn’t specify as far as formatting goes. However, in her video she does want citations but advised she wants it more originated as it will be ran through the Turnitin program. Which will check the originality of the paper and she is requesting it to be pretty original. Obviously, quoting sources are going to be expected. She has requested the question/instructions to not be included in the response. She said when quoting try not to go overboard as it will affect how much originality is scored with the paper upon it’s completion.

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