Program Proposal

    Topic-Domestic Violence

    Program Proposal Presentation- Domestic Violence

    Program Proposal Presentation: Prepare a 7-minute presentation of the Program Proposal. Through a presentation to a local community group, each student will present the concept of their program proposal and will provide an executive summary that outlines a plan for executing the program concept.

    The presentation must be in PowerPoint or Prezi (or similar presentation format) and include an overview of the idea and how it addresses building capacity within the community and meeting a need that is not addressed by other organizations. Slides should be submitted in the course site.
    Theoretical Foundation of Program: Select a theory that would be the basis for the program and integrate core concepts of the theory into your explanation of the theoretical foundation of the program/agency. Explain the rationale for your selection and the relevance of the theory to practice. Another option is to show how you are using another existing program as a model for your program and the efficacy of that mode program.

    Policy: Identify any policies within the organization that would affect implementing this program with the proposed group of clients such as an intake policy or policies based on regulations.
    Funding: Discuss the potential funding needs and describe the sources of funding. Is there money in the current operating budget to fund the program or will you apply for grants from outside sources?

    Marketing: Describe the specific strategies that you would use to market the new programboth internally and externally.

    Program Evaluation: Describe your program evaluation plans. Include the rationale and specific plans for formative and summative evaluation such as specific measures you would use at the micro and macro levels (e.g., for micro: changes in clients behavior; for macro: how the agency will report outcome measures to the funding agency). Define what way your program evaluation plan is consistent with the mission, objectives, theory, and practice model of the agency. Further, include the rationale for the research methods (qualitative and/or quantitative measures), research tools (e.g., survey, interviews, video ethnography, etc.), research instruments, research design, specific data collection procedures, and data analysis plans.

    The presentation can be done with speaker’s notes

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