Process Intensification Assignment

    This is an assignment for Process Intensification assignment for masters level. In addition to the student guide (File name: B41ED Student Guide 2020) and my assignment questions (File name: Assignment 1 October 2020), I am adding a previous year’s assignment (file name: Previous Assignment) to give an idea about how to write the assignment. The questions are not the same for previous assignment and my assignment.

    For question 1, student guide can be used to answer majority of the question.

    For question 2, majority of the answer has to be based on outside sources.

    For question 3, student guide can be used.

    For question 4, writer must suggest a process. Previous assignment can be used as a guide to answer that question as the question is same. the section 7.7.1 and Table 7.1 mentioned in the question is available in the student guide. Please allocate majority of the time for question 4 as it carrier 50% of the marks.

    This is a bit technical assignment. So all the concepts mentioned must be known by the writer with a preferable background in chemical engineering.

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