Problems about Nutrition

    Task: Upload a response to the following questions. Each question is worth 1 point. Clear and focused answers will receive full marks. Please answer each question in 3 sentences or less.

    1. At six months of age, infants can start solid food. Describe why it would concern you if an infant between 4-6 months were provided too much food?.

    2. Infants start eating solids at six months and continue to develop skills and progress to eating more foods over six months and beyond. Describe the typical meal pattern you would expect to see for an infant at 12 months of age and how it is different than at 6months. 

    3. Explain why telling a child they have obesity and telling a family to focus on monitoring a child’s weight is unlikely to increase healthy behaviors and may be harmful. (This statement is based on the Ellyn Satter Institute and weight stigma content). 

    4. If health care providers should avoid directly telling a child they are overweight, what is the purpose of measuring weights, and how should that inform their recommendations? (no right answer to this question, generally interested in your thought process. Vague/overtly general answers will be deducted points)

    5. Provide your rationale for your True or False answer on the exam “Increasing rates of childhood obesity should be targeted through educating children to make better choices in their foods.”

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