Press Release Assignment

    Press Release Assignment

    Purpose: The Press Release continues to be a valuable tool for marketers, even in the digital and social media age. This assignment gives you practice in executing a press release for the benefit of a client and their business or organization. NOTE: You can work as a team with one or two other students. Perhaps the same team you had for the SWOT Analysis assignment.

    Skills: In this assignment you will learn how to:
    Format a press release.
    Gather and organize all the information critical to writing a good press release.
    Consider the needs of the client, business, organization.
    Highlight an event or change in products, services, or another aspect of the clients operation. Note, however, that this is not to announce sales events or discounts.

    Knowledge:  This assignment also will help you become more familiar with another tool that can be critical in a business or organization’s marketing mix and add to your marketing toolkit. Take note, formatting is critical for the success of a press release, given the flood of information going to media and other outlets in a position to assist in obtaining earned media.

    Task: To complete this assignment you will need to:
    Identify a special event or change in products, services, or another aspect of a business or organizations operation that is worthy of sharing with the local media (e.g. upcoming special event, change of location, new and expanded hours, new products, new services). NOTE: This is NOT used to announce a sale or price markdown.
    Gather all the information you need from your background research or from the business/organization. Dont skimp on the details that belong on your press release. This includes the 5 Ws — Who (the business/organization), What, When, Where, Why. Dont forget to use the businesss LOGO!
    Create a Google Doc for your Press Release that you can share with your team and with Rob, who will grade your effort.
    Write your ONE-PAGE Press Release using the format discussed in class, including the use of an effective GRAPHIC or LOGO, TITLE, background details, CONTACT INFORMATION, etc. 
    Finally, DONT FORGET to suggest at the bottom of your press release who specifically would be the best target audience for your Press Release (e.g. Albany Democrat-Herald, Corvallis Gazette-Times, KEJO radio, The Commuter, local Chamber of Commerce)
    An example of how to successfully format this assignment is posted on Moodle, or check out the press releases on LBCCs website ( or another business or organizations website.

    How You Will Be Graded: Your grade, up to 10 points, will be based on the quality/effectiveness of your press release, and whether you use the correct format and demonstrate creativity, as well as the professional and organized appearance of your final document, including spelling and grammar. Note: You can revise this assignment for a higher grade.

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