Presenting the Plan

    This final assignment is designed to provide an opportunity to integrate the skills addressed in this course.  You are expected to work individually and  focus on analyzing a problem and develop a plan to address that problem according to the techniques you have honed in this class.

    Each team will identify one of the problems of an organization posed by a team member. The assignment will include a Power Point which will present a plan on ways to solve the problem.

    The following elements should be included.

    Introduction as to why this problem was selected ,
    Each team members assignment for the project (to be included in the Appendix of paper)
    Process(es) used to analyze the problem, and
    Presentation of the plan to include Power Point slides.
    The PowerPoint and paper for the plan will be the graded project. The paper (including the plan) must be between 5-7 pages in length, not including the title, reference pages and appendix. This assignment requires a minimum of 5-7 scholarly references. There are no minimum requirement for the number of PowerPoint slides. 

    My problem will be Technology and Strategic Planning.

    Mintzberg, H.,Lampel, J., Ghoshal, S., &Quinn, J. B.
    (2014). Strategy Process: Concepts, Contexts, Cases
    (5th ed.). Philadelphia, PA:Trans-Atlantic Publication

    Need additional references

    It will say as a team in the narrative ,but we can work individually. I elected to work alone

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