predefined time boundaries


    Critically discuss the role of predefined time boundaries in the organisation and management of projects

    You are required to submit a fully referenced analytical paper of 3,000 words, with 20-30 appropriate references, such as New York Times, peer-reviewed journal articles, books and other scholarly works (no wiki or google)

    The purpose of this term paper is to encourage you to read and assimilate theoretical and conceptual material that is most probably new to you. Your task is to present evidence of your findings (essentially a literature review – with references) through writing in an analytical style about that material.

    In order to answer the question, you will need to identify a range of relevant published material. Your paper should present a discussion of the literature and identify what might be problematic (or beneficial) with pre-defined time boundaries in project organisations, analyse these issues by thinking critically about the different concepts involved and present conclusions on your findings. You are encouraged not to place excessive emphasis upon your own opinion. Your role involves the presentation of relevant information, its analysis and the formulation of a critique relevant to the question set.

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