PowerPoint Presentation For Communicating Strategies To Business Leaders

    The final project requires you to develop a PowerPoint presentation for communicating strategies to business leaders regarding their recruitment efforts. Your recruitment firm is being considered by Sincere College to assist them with recruiting and hiring of a Special Project Associate for the Davis School of Business. The successful candidate will be involved in special projects and teaching. You are to develop a recruitment plan/strategy that will locate a talented applicant pool to fill the open position with the College. You will have a budget of $10,000 to spend on the recruitment process. This presentation requires research to complete.


    Sincere College: The college has a strong reputation and a competitive compensation. The College is located in Maine and has a large number of employees supporting their educational and research efforts. Its’ current education emphasis includes liberal arts and sciences, engineering, and social sciences. Their employees are active in research, scholarship, college governance, academic advisement, and professional development.


    Requirements of the position: Earned doctorate degree in business or related field. Those completing their dissertation with an imminent completion date will be considered. The candidate should have a teaching background at the college level and interests in research in the area of Business Ethics. The interviewing process will include a demonstration of teaching a class.


    Application process: Information should be submitted via the website and the documents should include a resume, cover letter, statement of teaching philosophy and three references.


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