Poverty Challenge

    PRESENTATION #2, Advocating for a Vulnerable Population via City Council Directions:

    Your vulnerable population assigned to you is: Veteran couple in mid-thirties. 4 tours in Iraq, both injured in combat. The husband lost his left leg below the knee and has a prosthetic. The wife had a minor gunshot wound to the shoulder but has made a full recovery. Both suffer from PTSD and depend on medication.

    You are speaking before your local city council regarding a problem with your vulnerable population (veteran couple) in your community and seeking funding for your organization that you represent to address the issue. Speakers at city council meetings are given 5 minutes maximum to present, so the same will apply to the group. It is advisable to each pick a point to discuss and practice.

    Your name, city, organization you represent
    Why is this a problem?
    What specific need are you asking for to address the issue?
    How much will it cost?
    There is PowerPoint for this presentation. Make notes for yourself and speak loudly and clearly, facing the audience. Make sure to answer all of the questions thoroughly and be prepared to answer questions.

    After 5 minutes of speaking, a brief reflection of the assignment to demonstrate what you have learned and any future needed research.

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