Portfolio Milestone – Mod 2 – Section I and II

    This week you will submit a draft of Section I (Introduction) and Section II (Objectives) of the Portfolio Project.

    1. As outlined in the Portfolio Report Checklist ATTACHED, Section I (Introduction) should be 2-3 pages in length and should contain the following:

    – Problem statement: State the research problem, such as “an increased fear of crime,” etc.

    – Background/context: This is the impact and interventions of the problem. An example: Fear of crime reduced the life quality of the community. Intervention programs have been introduced.

    – Significance of this study: Why is this study necessary? (e.g., Why should the intervention program or policy be evaluated? What happens if it’s not evaluated?)

    2. As outlined in the Portfolio Report Checklist, Section II (Objectives) should be approximately half a page in length and contain the following:

    – Purpose statement: What is your study/research intended to do?

    – Review question: State the review question associated with your topic.

    Provide a minimum of three credible resources to support your paper.

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