Portfolio investment towards developing countries: instrument of growth or instability?

    3. Portfolio investment towards developing countries: the instrument of growth or instability?
    There is an enormous controversy on the role that FPI (Foreign Portfolio Investment) plays in developing countries.  For some authors FPI is an instrument of capital investment and growth; for some others, it is a tool of financial and macroeconomic instability. The scope of this research project is to shed light on this debate and provide recommendations on how FPI can promote growth and reduce instability.

    Please make sure that the paper is structured as follows:

    Cover page with the title of the research, students name, course name, and date.
    Introduction: It should be short: you only need to discuss the topic of your research, its main scope, and the methodology (in this case it will be applied research and you should mention the main statistical sources used). Do not put any results in the introduction.
    Main part:
    Make sure that
    There is a clear division between the empirical evidence, the explanation, and the policy recommendations
    The answers are based on solid statistical evidence
    There is a logical connection between the different parts
    You should summarize the main conclusions of the paper in three /four very clear sentences.
    Bibliography: List all the books, papers, and statistical sources consulted.
    Please make sure that each graph/figure/table has a title (at the top) and the source (at the bottom).

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