Please first read the following items before engaging in our second discussion:
    Read: Kathryne Dunn Tenpas (2020), “Tracking turnover in the Trump administration,” Brookings Institution: https://www.brookings.edu/research/tracking-turnover-in-the-trump-administration/
    Read: James Pfiffner’s chapter in the Oxford Handbook of the American Presidency on presidential transitions, pp. 85-104. (Please make sure you read this as it will be necessary for the presidential transition memo)
    After you complete the reading, please answer the following question and post your answer in your assigned group on Slack:
    What are some of the challenges that president-elects face in creating their administrations? As President-Elect Biden puts his team together, what types of personal and professional qualities, in your opinion, are necessary for the individuals that Biden and Harris hire for their administration? Lastly, name one thing that the Biden Administration should avoid doing as they put together their team and new administration?

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