political science

    In a 5 page paper, please address these questions in their entirety. Merely answering each question in isolation from one another is insufficient for full credit. What I expect from you is for you to form a thesis that binds your thoughts together. While no outside sources are required, you must cite any source you use, and I expect you to reference the material presented in both lecture and from the book. The paper should be 5 pages, double spaced, with 1 inch margins, 12 point font, and a widely used font (no odd fonts that either decrease or increase your papers length) Times New Roman, Calibiri, Arial are all appropriate.


    How has the fear of a strong central government influenced the creation of our government, and how does that fear shape contemporary politics? How should the government ensure that the rights of both the majority and the minority are protected? What specific rights do you feel are under threat? What justification does the opposing side of those rights have for their viewpoint? How would you ensure that the rights you identify are protected?

    You must cite all sources used for this paper, and I strongly encourage you to use relevant and vetted sources to both learn about your topic, and as sources to support your analysis. Wikipedia is an excellent starting point to learn about any topic, but it has no place in an academic paper. Any use of Wikipedia, Sparknotes, or the dictionary as a source will result in your paper being graded down.

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