Policy research paper.

    My topic is access to healthcare for minorities.

    Executive Summary
    This section should be a high-level overview of your policy issue and solution. It is recommended (and easier) that you wait until you have finished your research paper before you start writing the executive summary.
    Introduction and Background of the Issue
    Provide an introduction which explains the issue being discussed. Why is it important to review the problem at this time?  Provide background information on the topic so that a reader unfamiliar with the topic can understand the current issue at hand.
    Statement of the Problem
    Re-state the issue or problem in a clear and concise manner.
    Current Policies
    What are the current policies addressing the issue? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages with these policies. Are the current policies working or not working? Why is it necessary to find alternative policies at this time to address the issue?
    Alternative Policy Recommendations
    Discuss alternative policy options and their implications
    Provide your recommendation and how it can be implemented
    Summarize your policy analysis and recommendations
    Reference Page
    References need to be in APA format.
    Remember to include in-text citations throughout the body of your paper

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