Police should be accountable for their action

    AssignmentThis assignment is your chance to take a position on a question at issue and argue for your perspective. This work is, of course, an academic argument, and as such, it relies heavily on research and logic. Your job in this assignment is to participate in a conversation in which other scholars are already engaged and to inject your own thoughts. You should not be simply repeating what another person has said, nor should you be making your argument without taking into account what other people have said about your topic. You must synthesize other perspectives as you work to develop your own claim and argument; you are not arguing in a vacuum. Remember, you are participating in a conversation, and so you must understand the debate that has gone on before and connect your argument to that debate. You have already chosen a question at issue and developed a tentative claim in your research proposal; you must now develop your argument using all the writing skills in your repertoiresummary, response, synthesis, analysis, evaluation, etc.You will be graded on your ability to participate in academic discourse, your mastery of conventions and style, and your critical thinking skills as demonstrated in your argumentation. You must meaningfully cite and synthesize at least six academic sources in your paper.

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