In a word document, write a 300 word essay about ethics in plagiarism in relation to business? Provide at least one example of an organization that was affected unethical behavior in the form of plagiarism.  Remember to cite your resources.

    Add the word document as an attachment within the Threaded Discussion, then post at least one response to another student.

    Below are some APA hints

    If you use a quote from an author, you must provide a page number (or in the case of an electronic reference, a section or paragraph number [ or ]). Conversely, if you don’t use a quote, don’t give a page number. Use these symbols in your citations: [ or ].

    Use the same font and font size throughout your paper.

    Double-space throughout (including between sections and your references).

    Use page breaks instead of hitting the “Enter” key 20 times to get to the next page.

    Do not use “too many” quotes and do not use any long quotes. I would rather have you paraphrase the authors. Besides, quotes do not count toward your page total (and I know you can do a better job paraphrasing)!

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