Pharmaceuticals and sociology

    In particular, identify (1) at least one empirical question youd like to pursue in graduate school and the theoretical and methodological tools best suited to answer it and (2) your ultimate career goal (i.e. what you would like to do, professionally, upon completion of the graduate program.).

    empirical questionsthose that can be answered by real experience in the real world

    My empirical question is Medical Sociology and same is ultimate career goal:

    the existence and (re)production of physical and mental health disparities by socioeconomic status/social class, race-ethnicity, immigrant status, sex and gender, sexual identity, and social capital
    stigma regarding health behaviors, diagnoses, and disease conditions
    health effects of neighborhood and local community social conditions
    health and non-health policy impacts on the health of populations and vulnerable subgroups
    health implications of discrimination and other stressors faced by marginalized persons

    Take a look at this website and read. This is related to my topic

    write about The pharmaceuticalisation of society. Do your research on it.

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