persuasive essay

    Select one of the papers/articles provided in this section. Based on the argument of the author, take a position and write persuasive essay (1000 +/- 10% words).
    there are two links to Web Sites where you can find steps and guidelines for writing a persuasive essay.
    The essay would be graded 0 to 10 points. If you submit late your highest grade would be six out of ten points.
    While writing your essay, please do not read/use other references. This is not an English writing or a research assignment. This is a business writing assignment. Review the PowerPoint presentation (Persuasive essay structure) on how to write a persuasive essay.
    1.    Visit the web sites to find out how to write a persuasive essay.
    2.    Review the PowerPoint presentation on a persuasive essay structure. This is not an English writing assignment. It is Business Writing assignment, and your essay should have the proposed structure.
    3.    Please read the rubric before start working on your essay.
    4.    Select an article that compels you to write an essay with your opinion.
    5.    Write your persuasive essay (1000 +/- 100 words).
    6.    Submit your essay to the Writing Center (see how on BB) request a grammar and mechanics review. Reviews from the LRC are not accepted. We need the grammar and mechanics feedback
    7.    Use Project 4 link to submit your two files: 1) File with the grammar and mechanics feedback from the Writing Center and 1) Your updated (if needed) essay on a Word document (no PDFs) file.
    Please e-mail your instructor if you have questions.

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