Personality Theory: David Buss

    Prompt: For this assignment, you will write a draft of Section II, Parts B and C of the final project. In this assignment, you will continue your analysis of your
    selected theory. You will be tasked with defending the theorys position in a number of ways, including defending it against alternative theoretical positions and
    showing its value for real-world problems.
    B. Alternative Theoretical Positions: For this section, you will select two or more alternative theories in personality psychology and address the following.
    (Be sure to review Part Two of your research table to support this section.)
    i. Compare the theory to alternative theoretical positions that are currently used by researchers in personality psychology. For instance, how do
    their key concepts compare?
    ii. Assess the extent to which these alternative positions challenge the validity, weaknesses, or biases of your chosen theory. Be sure to cite specific
    examples from published research in your response.
    iii. Defend the contemporary use of the theory against the challenges you identified. Be sure to support your defense with relevant research.
    C. Application
    i. Apply your selected theory in explaining a real-world problem (e.g., PTSD) or phenomenon (e.g., social media use). How would your theorist
    understand this problem or phenomenon in terms of its root cause and key characteristics? Be sure to cite relevant research in your response.
    ii. Assess published secondary research for solutions with the potential to address this problem or phenomenon. Does the contemporary use of
    your theory provide viable approaches to this problem? What are they?
    iii. Explain how this application relates to the theorys larger contemporary relevance. In other words, how does this application demonstrate your
    theorys potential to advance knowledge in personality psychology?

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