Personal statement

    Please help me to intro Joyce in beautiful wordings, and make her sounds professional. If possible help me to use more quote and reference, Thank you.

    Joyce starts her music journey at year 2014….. and therefore change her life completely (She fell sick, and collapsed…..took her half a year to recover….. she learns music and dance as daily exercise.)

    during these years, she was awarded with-
    ABRSM grade 8 piano
    ABRSM grade 8 music theory
    Trinity London College grade 5 singing

    She loves to share music with friends and families.  She plays gospel music in church cell group.  She also play in public performace- Praise Music Preview performance, Festival at the Fort @iLight Fort Canning Singapore, Young Pianist performance @Esplande Recital Studio

    She love music concerts, and attended various concert-
    (from the attached pdf, if possible help me to include all in nice wordings)

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