Your plan should have the following sections:

    Self-assessment section:

    Update or provide new insights from the second half of the course to your previous self-assessment section.
    Include the results of the leadership assessment . My personal leadership style is Amiable
    Learning goals section:

    Where do you want to be one year from now in your leadership skills? What is your plan to get there?
    Update this section to incorporate what you’ve learned in the second half of class, especially about team dynamics. Synthesize this new content with what you learned previously about social styles and communication.
    What other trainings, education, or experience do you need to pursue to close the gap between where you are and where you want to be?
    Did you meet your personal learning goal? Why or why not?
    Planning section:

    Update your existing plan based on the new material you’ve learned, instructor feedback, or new insights.
    Your plan should include:
    SMART goals — consider overall goals and milestones along the way
    A timeline for the next 12 months
    How will you know you succeeded?
    Include an initial summary section, table for your leadership characteristics, a personal assessment section, and a learning goals section. Remember, as with all assignments in this course, this is not about creating a philosophical summary of course materials. Your goal is to create something real and usable. Make it mean something. If you already have a SMART goal from work, include it in your plan and indicate how this class affects that goal.

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