Performance Measurement

    This homework assignment will test your understanding of three of the twelve
    drivers of SCM competitive advantage, as illustrated in our course textbook. There
    are no right and wrong answers. Some answers will be better, more
    comprehensive and more relevant than others. Since this Homework is worth
    about 10% of the final grade, you will need to balance the time you invest in it with
    other requirements of this course. Feel free to use any resources, particularly
    those provided by the course material. The work must be your own, with
    appropriate citations for published material. You will have several weeks to
    complete this homework assignment. A double-spaced report will be due as
    indicated on the syllabus to be submitted through the assignment folder in D2L.
    (A) Review the twelve drivers of SCM competitive advantage, illustrated in
    chapters 2-13 in Tom Mentzers Fundamentals of Supply Chain
    Management. Select the three drivers you are most interested in exploring.
    (B) Describe and discuss the three drivers you selected, citing why they are
    important and of interest to you and an organization. Explain the
    consequences of not paying attention to these drivers. What should be/can
    be done by the supply chain organization(s) to make these drivers really
    work for them? Give (make-up) examples where you can.

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