Pandemic Policy

    Part 2 is divided into three separate sections Please identify each section by separate title and submit as one document.

    Research – 60 points -Provide a summary and analysis of six separate sources in an Annotated Analytical Bibliography, each option has its own requirements for two articles  related to three distinct categories.  Please refer to your specific option assignment recommendations.

    Analysis 20 points – Summarize your research and and how the information in the separate sections relate to one another. (Approximately 250 words)

    Individual Action 20 points – Please explain in details how you are able to make a difference related to your selected option. Option may vary but all involve the possibility of a direct action that you are able to take.  If you have chosen the Legislative Option, your action will be in the form of a letter to your Representative or Senator explaining your concern and specifically identifying what you would like to see your Representative or Senator do regarding this matter. (

    Please review the following guidelines and requirements in preparing your paper.

    Look over the Research Project Grading Rubric to understand how you will be scored.

    APA Research Analysis, including proper citations and reference list.
    Use the SPC Library APA Citation Assistance page for help with APA formatting
    You cannot cite the American government textbook we are using.
    If you have extensive citations from one source, you will have to rewrite the paper. Remember, at least five sources used throughout the paper.
    Personal interviews, statements on television, radio, and in videos or movies are not acceptable.

    1,500 words approximately, 12 point traditional font.

    A minimum of 6 relevant and legitimate sources, documented within the paper and properly cited in a reference list.

    Clear application of research to the assignment requirements.

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