‘Out of Africa’ by Thomas Friedman

    in an essay of no more than 1,200 words (900-word minimum), you will write a rhetorical analysis of the essay, being sure to touch on the following:

    1.) Identify the argument. What is the thesis of the essay? (It may be implied or explicit.)

    2.) Identify the structure of the argument. How is Friedman presenting the parts of his argument?

    3.) Examine the essay’s diction. Begin with word choice and then, looking at examples, dialogue, and sensory details determine what it is Friedman is wanting you to feel.

    4.) Examine the tone. Friedman is a master at conveying his tone, and he will frequently change tones between pieces–and often, as we’ve seen, within the same piece. What tone is he seeking to strike?

    5.)  Finally, refer back to Friedman’s argument as you identified in the first item. Does he make his argument? Or does his argument fall short?

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